Puffy Lux Mattress Review 2019

Puffy Lux Mattress Review 2019

The Puffy Mattress is quickly taking over the bedrooms of modern homes from coast to coast.  I first started seeing Puffy Mattresses show up on social media a few years back and steadily online everywhere since then.

So what’s the deal with this hyped up luxury mattress?  That’s what I wanted to know too.  While this is not your typical “product review” of the Puffy Mattress (since I do not own one and have never slept on one!), this will be a helpful resource if you are considering buying a new mattress and evaluating the Puffy Mattress or Puffy Lux Mattress.  I put about 6.5 hours of research into this so at the very least it should save you some time if your considering researching the Puffy Mattresses.


  1. Research methods
  2. ConsumerReports.com reviews
  3. Sleep Like The Dead
  4. Reddit.com reviews
  5. YouTube reviews
  6. Puffy.com customer reviews
  7. Features of the Puffy Lux Mattress
  8. My overall observations of the Puffy Mattress (negative and positive)
  9. Who the Puffy Mattress IS NOT FOR
  10. Would I buy the Puffy Mattress?
  11. Puffy Mattress prices –  coupon code for $275 off MSRP
  12. Final thoughts


1. Research Methods

My research method was pretty simple: spend about 6.5 hours digging deep into Puffy reviews using the keywords “Puffy mattress reviews”.    Starting with Google search and working outward, I eventually found a few trusty looking resources for unbiased reviews of the Puffy Mattresses.  Here is how I spent most of my online research time:

  • I read the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reviews on Puffy.com as a company.
  • I read a bunch of ConsumerReports.com reviews of the Puffy Mattress.
  • I read every single Reddit review I could find searching for keywords like “Puffy mattress” and “Puffy Lux mattress”
  • I watched about 2 hours of YouTube videos using keywords like “Puffy Mattress review” and “Puffy Lux Mattress”
  • Read about 100 of the 6,671 customer reviews on the Puffy.com website, including negative reviews

I took all of that information and distilled it down to a few core overall take-aways for the Puffy Mattress.  Full disclosure: Puffy Mattress and ModernDwelling.com have an advertising agreement in place.  So while this analysis of Puffy Mattress and the Puffy Lux Mattress was initiated through that agreement, my goal in this review of Puffy Mattresses was to make this into just a really helpful guide; to help you as if you were really trying to decide if Puffy is right for your or not….read on because I did learn that the Puffy Mattresses are actually not a good fit for everyone!

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Researching Mattresses Online is Hard!

There are so many mattress review websites out there that you can easily get frustrated and overwhelmed. It’s a little different than most of the product reviews or modern home reviews that we do on ModernDwelling.com which are typically based on how things LOOK.  But when you are shopping for something to help you sleep better, how in the heck do you measure, quantify and report that?  It’s tricky and there is no Kelly Blue Book equivalent service for mattresses as far as I could find.  And most of the websites that review mattresses are either resellers, affiliates or advertisers (yep, like this page!)

The two websites that seemed to have the most unbiased (non-paid) approach to mattress reviews were ConsumerReports and sleeplikethedead.com.  After those two sites I just focused on pure customer reviews from websites, like Reddit.com, YouTube.com and Puffy.com itself.

2. ConsumerReports Review of The Puffy Mattress

ConsumerReports.com is a great place to get unbiased researched reviews on a wide range of consumer related items.  Lucky for us, they also do mattresses.  A lot of ConsumerReport’s research on Puffy.com is available for free online, but as a paid subscriber I got backstage access to some juicy top secret research and reviews on Puffy.com.  As a subscriber to ConsumerReports.com I was able to read all 29 reviews of the Puffy Mattress on ConsumerReports.com, but for this post I’m only allowed to show you their publicly available content.  If you want to read ConsumerReport’s full report you will have to pay for one of their subscription packages. Or here is a link if you want to see their public content available on the Puffy Mattress.

Overall, it’s safe to say that ConsumerReports.com has mostly only good things to say about Puffy.com as a mattress company.  I really did not find any smoking guns in their reporting of Puffy as a company or Puffy mattress owners.

Below is a screen capture from ConsumerReports.com’s Puffy Mattress review page.  The average user review rating for Puffy Mattresses was 4.7 stars out of 5 and 88% of respondents would recommend the Puffy Mattress to a friend, both seem like pretty solid figures to me.  There were 27 reviews on ConsumerReports.com for Puffy Mattresses (as of February 12, 2019) and of those 24 were 5 stars, 2 were 3 stars and 1 was 1 star.   (The 1 star review was pretty funny, basically it sounded like this mattress ruined this person’s life…pretty rough life!)

ConsumerReports.com Review of Puffy Mattress

ConsumerReports.com Review of Puffy Mattress

ConsumerReports.com also showed some “similar models” for comparing other mattresses similar to the Puffy Mattress.  There are a total of 20 comparisons with prices, so this might be a good place to comparison shop vs the Puffy Mattress.  Flipping through all 20 similar mattresses, the Puffy Lux seems to be about right in the mix price-wise, while the base-line Puffy Mattress is well below average prices compared to these.

From ConsumerReports.com showing Similar Mattress Models

From ConsumerReports.com showing Similar Mattress Models

Most of the ConsumerReports reviews were positive and people said they would recommend the Puffy to their friends.  There were of course those who did not like the mattress for various reasons.  The biggest reasons seemed to be because the mattress was either too soft or too hard….so the users did not seem to match their sleeping style to the medium firmness level of the Puffy mattress.

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3. Sleep Like The Dead

Unfortunately SleepLikeTheDead.com did not review the Puffy Mattress, or at least I could not find it (as of January 12, 2019).  Still that site has lots of great information on mattresses and sleeping in general.  It’s a great resource for learning all about different types of mattresses and about mattress shopping in general.

My one complaint about SleepLikeTheDead.com is that with such an awesome domain name I wanted to see some kind of zombie theme in their logo!  🙂

Joking aside, what I really like are the tools that SleepLikeTheDead.com has for people shopping for a new mattress.  You can select all sorts of things to help narrow down the perfect type of mattress based on your specific body needs and sleeping preferences.  I like the idea of using this tool then seeing if the Puffy Mattress or Puffy Lux Mattress fits your sleep criteria or not.  Check out their website: https://www.sleeplikethedead.com

4. Reddit.com Reviews: Puffy Lux Mattress

There were only a few Reddit.com threads on the Puffy mattresses…honestly nothing too overly helpful.  Several people asking for information on the Puffy line of mattresses before possibly buying, like the one pictured below.   One Redditer said “Get the lux. The regular is trash” but there was never any more information from that member, so we are not sure why that person had that opinion.  Another comment said: “I like mine. Still in the trial period but thinking we will keep it.”

And another saying that their mattress developed a “dip” in it.  Another Reddit thread had a comment saying:  “If you like a soft feel, then Puffy Lux is good for you. If you want a firmer feel, go for the Puffy mattress”  and went on to say “majority of the complaints by Puffy customers are basically due to choosing the wrong firmness level, which then leads to pressure relief and spinal alignment issues. So, be sure to pay extra attention to that.”

On another Reddit thread a commentor said: “We did purchase one and are thoroughly enjoying it. It took a little time to get used to it after being on a pillow top for so long but after a week or so I started sleeping better than I had in a long time. Good luck!”

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5. YouTube Reviews of The Puffy Mattress

YouTube is great for researching product reviews if you do it right and don’t go down the rabbit hole.  But it’s really just an extension of Google so you have to weed out the paid marketing reviews, like the Ellen video below!  I did find a few videos that seemed like real people giving real reviews of the Puffy Mattress, so I included a few here (below).

I’ve fallen in love with Puffy, the best mattress. Ever. – YouTube Video

This video seemed like an authentic customer to me so I included it.  This YouTuber knows how to craft a good looking video!  If you have never bought a “bed in a box” before then watch this video.

Purple vs Puffy Mattress Review by The Slumber Yard – YouTube Video

YouTube has a ton of video where companies, like The Slumber Yard, compare one mattress against another.  Way too many watch.  But I did watch a bunch of them and this is one of the ones that I found most helpful.

Puffy Lux Mattress Motion Transfer – YouTube Video

This YouTube video was posted by the The Sleep Sherpa and is pretty cool because he drops a bowling ball onto The Puffy Lux Mattress just inches away from another bowling ball…all in slow motion.  Pretty cool.

Puffy Mattress on The Ellen DeGeneres Show – YouTube Video

Got to hand it to Puffy.com for some great marketing…getting Ellen DeGeneres to plug your mattress is pretty solid marketing. What’s crazy is they then gave a mattress to the entire audience!  Pretty crazy.


6. Puffy.com Customer Reviews

On the date I did this research there were 6748 customer reviews on the Puffy.com website…which is a ton for a relatively new company.  With 5830 of those being 5 star reviews, it’s safe to say that customers like the Puffy Mattress.  But there were those who gave less than stellar reviews.  I read through hundreds of these reviews and below I selected a few sample screenshots of actual reviews…I picked reviews that represented what I consider a good sampling…not just 5 star reviews.

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Puffy Mattress Review Summary

Puffy Mattress Review Summary

Puffy 5 Star Reviews

Here is a very typical 5 star review for the Puffy Mattress.  The reviewer was compelled to write a pararaph telling his story and showing his love for the mattress.  This reviewer compared the Puffy with his Tempurpedic mattress and found the Puffy mattress to be better than his Tempurpedic mattress.

Puffy Mattress Raving Reviews 5 stars

Puffy Mattress Raving reviews 5 our of 5 Stars

Puffy 4 Star Reviews

Here is a 4 out of 5 star rating for the Puffy mattress.  To me, this seemed like a pretty typical 4 star review from the ones that I read.  I just realized that this guy was also coming from a Temperpedic mattress.  This reviewer seems to have having dinged the one star because he said it was “three times as much without giving you three times the mattress”.  Perhaps he got The Lux mattress without a coupon code…like this $275 Lux discount here.  Still, this user ended by saying that he was “getting one for my mom for Christmas”.

Puffy Mattress 4 Out of 5 Stars

Puffy Mattress 4 Out of 5 Stars

Puffy 3 Star Reviews

Here is a 3-star review for the Puffy mattresses.  This user seems to be in the same category as other UN-satisfied users:  Needed a firmer mattress style.  This user even went back to a spring mattress for the extra support.  It sounds like this user was happy with the return service from Puffy.com.

The Puffy Negative reviews 3 stars

The Puffy Negative Reviews 3 Stars

Puffy 2 Star Reviews

Here is an example of a 2-star review for the Puffy mattress.  This Puffy user needed to buy a firmer mattress.  The Puffy mattresses are medium firm and I think this user maybe did not know that they needed to research firmer mattresses (+6 firmness probably).  Not selecting a mattress that fits YOUR BODY’S SLEEP STYLE is the number one issue I found when doing this research.

The Puffy Mattress Negative Reviews

The Puffy Mattress Negative Reviews 2-Star Review

Puffy 1 Star Reviews

Here are two 1-star reviews for the Puffy mattress.  It took forever to go through the super long list of reviews to find these!  (Most reviews are 5 star and you cannot just select the star level you want to see like you can on Amazon.com reviews…so you have to just keep going down the page until you find a 1-star review.)  Anyways, neither of these two 1-star reviews really seem worthy of 1-star designation.  The first reviewer says she “absolutely love(s) this mattress”, that it’s “amazing” and she “wake(s) up feeling wonderful!”….I kind of think she meant to hit the 5-star and not the 1-star button!!  The second 1-star review says that the company actually shipped him the wrong mattress…which is a dumb mistake on Puffy’s part for sure, but not sure it warrants a 1-star rating for the mattress itself.  Hopefully Puffy fixed this error.

I honestly found a lot of the 1-star reviews to be somewhat misplaced (like these two) or from people who purchased a medium firm mattress but should have purchased a mattress in either above or below the 5-7 firmness level of the Puffy Lux mattress (medium firm).  My recurring theme for this blog post is: KNOW YOUR FIRMNESS NEEDS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ANY MATTRESS.

The Puffy Mattress Negative Reviews

The Puffy Mattress Negative Reviews 1-Star Reviews

The Puffy Mattress Negative Reviews

The Puffy Mattress Negative Reviews


7. Features of the Puffy Lux Mattress

For a full list of the features and specs on the Puffy Mattresses, please go to their website here.  What I wanted to do here is just hit on a few of the most important features in my opinion.

“Puffy Sleep System” with “Cooling Cloud”

I’m not going to really technical with this review, you can check out the Puffy website for that.  But I will say that Puffy has a lot of technology built into their mattresses.  They have a multi layer system to achieve maximum comfort and overall performance:

“Puffy uses a patented multi-layer design, specifically formulated and infused with DeepSleep technology to provide one of the best sleeps. The Puffy Sleep System is made with three unique individual layers: The 2″ Cooling Cloud Foam top layer, the 2″ ClimateComfort layer, and the 6″ Firm Core Support base layer.The Puffy Sleep System is made with two unique individual layers: The 2″ Cooling Cloud Foam top layer, the 2″ ComfortCloud™ layer, and the 6″ Firm Core Support base layer

Our award-winning Cooling Cloud layer took over 4 years of study and testing to produce, and this special material layer is the reason why the Puffy Mattress is able to provide such a great sleep.  It is able to become both soft and firm in the right places, adapting to your weight and the pressure placed upon it.  This highly adaptive material allows the Puffy Mattress to envelop you in soft, cradling support, drifting you off to one of the best sleeps of your life.

The breathability of this top layer was specifically designed to gently form to your body, while still keeping it from overheating.  Your body heat is pulled away at a tested rate to ensure you remain at a temperature neutral zone, allowing for a deeper, uninterrupted sleep. It allows the Puffy Mattress to help alleviate pressure points typically felt in the shoulders and hips of side sleepers, while correctly supporting and aligning those who sleep on their back.

The ClimateComfort mid layer was expertly crafted to resist contraction and expansion during temperature fluctuations, which results in the same consistent feeling year-round. It also reacts with heat by giving off a gentle cooling effect and a subtle warming effect in the cold.

This extremely adaptive layer is fused with its supportive Firm Core Support base layer.  This firm-set layer is one of the most important parts of the Puffy foam mattress that isn’t found with competitors.  Our specialty layer is a firmer, supportive base, which adds durability and adaptive support in a combination that provides one of the best sleeps. This layer also adds the added benefit of allowing this foam mattress to be used in a variety of bases.

The combination of these sleep layers is why the Puffy Mattress is capable in providing a deep, refreshing sleep, and why it has been rated as one of the best mattresses for 2019 for those who have trouble falling asleep.”

Firmness of the Puffy Mattresses – 10″ vs 12″

There are two Puffy mattresses, The Puffy and The Lux.  The 10″ Puffy has 3 layers of foam and has a firmness level between 6-8….so “medium firm”, while the thicker Puffy Lux mattress is 12″ with an extra layer called their “Plush Dual Cloud Foam” layer…this layer makes the Lux Mattress slightly softer so about 5-7 on the firmness scale, so it’s slightly softer and slightly cooler to sleep on.  These two options are your only options with the Puffy line of mattresses.  From reading tons of reviews from Puffy customers, it’s clear to me that MOST PEOPLE PREFER THE 12″ PUFFY LUX MATTRESS.  Most of the negative reviews were for the 10″ Puffy baseline mattress.  Different people had different reasons, but this was definitely the overall consensus from my research.  It’s worth repeating here that whichever mattress you choose from whichever manufacturer KNOW YOUR FIRMNESS LEVEL NEEDS BEFORE YOU BUY ANY MATTRESS.

101 Night Sleep Trail

Puffy is pretty certain that you will love their mattresses, so much so that they are willing to let you sleep on The Puffy or The Lux for over 3 months (101 nights) to decide if you want your money back or not.  That’s a pretty serious return policy.  From reading reviews I did not see a lot people who said they used the return policy but I did read that Puffy actually just donates the used (“returned”) mattress to a local charity of some sort….Puffy just take a big old hit on the chin if you do return it.  I like that, that means they are serious about standing behind their product.  It also goes hand-in-hand with the Puffy warranty, up next.  But first, here is what Puffy says about the 101 Night Sleep Trail on their website:

“Puffy™ provides all of its customers a complimentary 101 Night Sleep Trial, and that’s because we are highly confident that our sleep system will be the best foam mattress you have ever tried. So if you’ve been considering our mattress, order worry-free!  Better yet, if for some reason you don’t believe the Puffy™ Mattress has provided you with the best sleep of your life, we will help you donate that mattress to a local charity and provide you a full refund! It’s a win-win all around!  Either you will discover a new level of deep sleep with our Puffy™ Mattress, or, if you decide it’s just not for you, you get to sleep easy knowing that your mattress wont go to waste.  It will be donated to a local or national charity to provide those in need with a comfortable bed they can lay their head on. You may be wondering to yourself why our company would just give away our mattress when its barely been used?  We here at Puffy™ Mattress believe that everyone deserves a restful sleep.  Everyone deserves a chance to wake up energized and ready to take on the day.  We want to ensure that your foam mattress wont end up in a dump, but will help to give those in need a better sleep to help better themselves!”

Puffy Mattress 101 Night Sleep Trail

Puffy Mattress 101 Night Sleep Trail

Washable Stain Resistant Zippered Cover

The Puffy mattress cover looks really beautiful I think, not that you’ll see it much once the sheets go on, but it’s nice to know…and your modern home deserves to have great looking mattress!  I like that the two Puffy mattresses come with removable stain resistant covers making it at least possible to remedy a spilled bottle of wine.

Made 100% in USA

Always nice to know that your mattress was made in the USA.  The Puffy mattresses are made in Los Angeles, California.

Puffy Mattress Lifetime Warranty

Puffy Mattress Lifetime Warranty


8. My Overall Observations of the Puffy Mattress – Both Positive and Negative

I think the biggest negative I heard from other Puffy reviewers is that the Puffy mattresses only come in two levels: the 10″ Puffy mattress and the 12″ Lux mattress.  There were some comments that I saw where people liked the Puffy brand but just wanted more options when it came down to selecting firmness levels, either wanting softer beds or firmer beds.  The two Puffy mattress are middle firmness mattresses, with the 12″ Lux mattresses being slightly less firm because of the extra Cloud layer of foam (the “Plush Dual Cloud Foam” layer).

Another complaint I saw from some Puffy customers was that they got hot on the 10″ Puffy mattress.  I only saw that complaint a few times and I think some of those just chose the wrong mattress…they maybe would have been happier with the 12″ Lux.  The Lux mattress does have a 1 1/2″ “cooling cloud” foam layer which is designed to help with air flow and cooling.  But, I think that if having lots air flow is essential for you then there are other mattresses out there that focus even more on temperature regulation.  In my research, there seems to be a slight trade-off for cool-sleeping-air-flow and firmness….and that kind of makes sense if you think about it.

But negative reviews about Puffy Mattresses are minuscule compared to the positive reviews.  PEOPLE LOVE THE PUFFY MATTRESSES.  It’s honestly hard to find a brand with such fanatical fans.

I’d have to say that my overall impression about the Puffy mattresses is that they seem to be priced competitively and offer lots of value to people looking for a medium-firm memory foam mattress made in the USA.  Their return policy and warranty  policies are also top notch.


9. Who the Puffy Mattress is NOT for

The Puffy mattresses were designed to be at the highest quality possible AND meet the needs of as many sleeper-types as possible…all at an obtainable and competitive price point.  So they designed two mattresses, the 10″ Puffy and the 12″ Puffy Lux.  Both of these are about in the middle of the memory foam firmness range, with the Lux being slightly less firm.  So, if you are needing a super soft mattress or a super firm mattress, then the Puffy line of mattresses are probably not going to be your best fit.  Also, if you are heavier than average then you might need more support from the bottom of the mattress and so you would probably want to consider a different mattress and maybe look at hybrid mattresses.  And finally, if you are a super hot sleeper and need lots of air flow from your mattress, then I think there are better options out there than the Puffy.  That’s not to say that the Puffy sleeps hot, because tons of uses say that the Puffy Lux is actually quite cool…it’s just to say that there are mattresses specifically designed to be even cooler, although probably a lot softer than ‘medium firm”.

I will say this one more time, before you purchase any mattress, please KNOW YOUR SPECIFIC FIRMNESS NEEDS AS A SLEEPER.  If you learn that you are a “medium firm” sleeper then consider one of the Puffy mattresses!


10. Would I buy the Puffy mattress?

Yes I would absolutely buy the Puffy Lux mattress!  Of the two different Puffy mattresses (the 10″ Puffy Mattress and 12″ The Puffy Lux Mattress) I would have to go with 12″ The Puffy Lux Mattress.  I am a side-sleep and I really like a medium to medium-firm mattress…so The Lux sounds about perfect for me.

When we remodeled our house a few years back I designed and had built a custom bed platform with integrated side-tables, drawers under the mattress platform for storage and a long wall-to-wall shelf-platform where the headboard would be for displaying artwork and books…all made of birch wood and stained pretty dark…it looks pretty good!  Anyway, the top of the birch platform is at exactly 12″ (which is a little lower than most bed frames which are often 15″ off the ground) and so a 12″ foam mattress on top of that puts us at 24″ above the floor, .  I designed it for a California king mattress…and I think the 12″ Puffy Lux would be perfect on it!

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11. Puffy Mattress prices

As of the date of writing this (February 14, 2019) the prices on puffy.com website were $795 for The Puffy and $1445 for the Puffy Lux, however they were running a Valentine’s Day sale which brought the prices down to $595 for The Puffy and $1245 for the Puffy Lux.  Puffy often has seasonal sales like this but they will never be as low as using a coupon code from an authorized Puffy affiliate like us. 

Our Puffy coupons gets you:

  • $275 off MSRP 12″ Puffy Lux = $1,170
  • $250 off MSRP 10″ Puffy = $545

In general, I found the 10″ Puffy Mattresses to be on the lower end of the pricing spectrum for memory foam mattresses, while the Puffy Lux Mattress is about right dab in the middle of the pricing range. But if you compare the Puffy Lux with higher end memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses, then the Puffy Lux is priced very aggressively…much lower than others in that category.


12. Final thoughts

Well, if you read all the way through this tome of a research project on The Puffy Mattress, then I certainly hope that you found it useful.  And I hope that you found that my approach was level-handed even though we have a marketing relationship with Puffy.  In the end, this post took the better part of a day doing content research, then almost two days to edit photos (an assistant did the photos), write and publish this post.  Why am I sharing this?  Well, about 95% of our readers are everyday consumers, but about 5% are in the industry and might be looking for down-in-the-trenches marketing to reach new customers…so, this section is for you.

If you have a product or service that lovers of modern homes should know about, then please contact me and we can discuss different marketing options for you.