A lot of inspiration is there in Arravanti’s furniture collection, but the Koster high-end Italian lounge chair branded by Desiree is a healthy dose of inspiration.

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This classical Koster chair is one of the most popular masterpieces of Arravanti. Here is a link to Arravanti.

In this short description I want to depict some of the distinctive features this chair manifests. The most exclusive one is its availability in a bicolor combination which allows for one color on the seat and different color on the back. So you have a lot of options in making the color contrast of the fabric. I’ve added above the one I like best for more of an elegant look.

The Koster is expertly crafted in Italy and is available in leathers too with over 100 gorgeous colors to choose from. The entire structure is metal and wood, the base is matte bronze lacquered metal. The unstructured seat may trace back to the 50s style but over the years it is hitting it’s stride. Marc Saddler, the designer believes the balance and simplicity so that the designs may continue to grow in today’s ever changing world.

So that’s the way I like the Desiree version with all it’s versatility. Don’t you like the fabric or leather upholstery? You can have a non-fabricated deco version right for putting your feet up in style.

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Arravanti Contemporary Interiors
Gruppo Euromobil

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